Thursday, June 30, 2005

Happy Birthday Ruben!

WoW ba tayo sa Saturday?

Sunday, May 22, 2005


Could somebody change the template? It looks so much like mine's. Kinda sucks you know?

Please? Hahaha.

New Post

For a group that goes out at least once a month, could you put some of the details here?


Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Nobody posts here

Damn blog. Nobody even bothers to post here.

I read in Newsweek that blogs are changing the way we do business. I guess it stems from it being more of a personal thing, something we can connect to more closely which is why reality shows and mlm's are the in thing. They connect to our lives and relevant to some extent.


In other news, what type of person are you? Click on my blog to find out what type I am.

Think of an 80's icon that most describes you (or described as you by someone else) and post it here. I think this was a Livejournal thing...

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Events for This Week

We are going to have a "socializing session" this Saturday at Gateway Mall in Cubao. You know, that funky mall connected to LRT2. I regularly pass through there and it's great inside. Like you ain't in Cubao anymore.

People haven't decided but Closer seems the choice though the movie sounds unPerg-like. Anyway, it's a chance to do something normal.

Hey, anyone up for going to Orchard? And is the friday thing going to pull through?

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Fireball Fight

After Pat reminded us of our shamefully bare Pergola Webpage, I said in a previous letter that we should be proud of our subculture, and share stories of our heritage, lest we forget. I'll start by recounting a game that I had almost forgotten, and remembered only by chance in a passing conversation... the game known as FIREBALL FIGHT.

I'm sure all of us know how to play Rock-Paper-Scissors, called Ja-Ken-Poi by many. You choose a sigil and reveal it simultaneously with your opponent, and the winner is decided by the heiarchy of interaction of the sigils.

There's a slightly more complex variation that became popular around 1995, (and for all I know is still used in playgrounds today): DragonBall. The possible moves are:

Charge - gain one charge
Attack - at the cost of two charges, deal one damage to your opponent
Block - Cancel an attack

The dynamics are slightly different from RPS since the only way to win is by making an attack, and the only way to attack is to accumulate charges.

Fireball Fight took the concept a step further by adding more moves:

Move(cost) - effect

Charge(0) - gain one charge

Attack(2) - deal one damage

Block(0) - cancel any offensive move without a special attribute

Steal(1) - if unblocked, gain two charges and your opponent loses one (minimum zero). High priority, so it may cause your opponent's spell to fail if he now lacks charges.

MegaBlast(5) - deal one damage. Super Type: is not cancelled by Block(0)

MegaBlock(1) - Block any offensive move without a special attribute and also SuperTypes

DoubleAttack(5) - deal two damage

ArcLightning(3) - Does nothing now. Next turn, you perform DoubleAttack (at no cost) in addition to any other move.

Heal(3) - gain one life

MirroredMalice(4) - Cancels any offensive move by your opponent with Normal or Super Types. If it does, the effects of such a move are done to your opponent instead

Domination(7) - Tell your opponent what to do on his next turn

Haste(10?) - For the next three(?) turns, perform an additional action immediately after(?) your opponent reveals his move

There were other moves too... I'm sure there was an array of "Psychic" effects, because I remember waving my arms around like a sine wave. Also there were more "enchantments" that worked like Haste. Gah. Maybe one of the other players can help fill in the blanks? It's actually an incredibly fun game, if you don't mind looking like an idiot.

I hope I'm inspiring our game developers here. (I wouldn't mind playing it on Java, if you could make a good AI... or several mediocre ones).

I am chicomanasan.